Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: My Singing Sis

I am excited about Jessica Turner's sweet idea to start Throwback Thursday Stories!

Won't you join us and link up over at The Mom Creative? It's easy, just share a photo from the past and the story behind it. #TBTstories

Throwback Thursday Stories

As I went searching for just the right throwback photo, I realized that my throwbacks are not on my computer, unless I am only throwing back a few years.:)  Until I find a better way to share quality film photos via my computer, I am sharing some not-so-long-ago photos. This one is a gem from 2010. 

Malibu Beach, CA, February 2010
This is my youngest sister, Singing Sis. My mom, Writing Sis and I went to go visit Singing Sis in L.A, in February of 2010. It was a wonderful trip! Sunshine, the beach, girl time, great food, star sightings, and warm weather- ahh, I feel myself relaxing already.

The reason I chose a photo of Singing Sis is because she is turning 30 today! I wish I could jump into this picture and join my Sis on this special day.

While it can be hard to live far from loved ones, it is exciting to be able to cheer them on as they live out their dreams, right where they are. 

In honor of her life and birthday, here are....
30 Amazing Things About My Sister:

1.   She is Grant Hill's biggest fan.
2.   She goes for her dreams.
3.   She is smart.
4.   She cooks a delicious chicken curry (even though she is vegan).
5.   She still loves me after all the torture I put her through with my bossiness and antics.
6.   She encourages me to go for my dreams.
7.   She has toured the world with her band.
8.   She bought mutual funds in elementary school after learning about the stock market.
9.   She was a bassoon major.
10. She knows her way around the NYC Subway System.
11. She loves her hubby and extended family deeply.
12. She planned a spectacular wedding while living thousands of miles from the venue.
13. She co-wrote a song about a Chia Pet entitled, Jimmy Joe.
14. She started a "Save the Manatee" club in elementary school.
15. She has a knack for styling.
16. She is a thoughtful and caring aunt to her nieces and nephews.
17. She is generous.
18. She inspires me with her consistent exercising.
19. She has lived in two big cities and navigates them with ease.
20. She is a caring friend and devoted sister.
21. She is a talented artist.
22. She is brave.
23. She flew out to watch our young children so Hubby and I could attend a conference.
24. She has a beautiful singing voice.
25. She writes intriguing lyrics and interesting music.
26. She is one-of-a-kind.
27. She can knit like a pro.
28. She is a savvy decorator.
29. She is dependable.
30. She still lets my call her Little Pickles.

Love you Little Pickles- Have a fabulous 30th Birthday!

Deep Breaths:

1.  Select a throwback photo and tell its story over at the link-up via The Mom Creative.

2. Who is someone that you can celebrate today? Give them a call, write a post about them, send a card or go out for coffee. Pour the love on thick as you value their life and thank them for their friendship.

3. Think back over the past year, where have you seen God at work?  Considering telling us about it in the comments so we can rejoice along with you.